SOF Snipers Testimonial

“Many of us here (SOF) feel that this system is a game changer for SOF snipers.”

As a SOF sniper, we are always looking for an edge. A piece of equipment that makes our job easier and makes us more effective as shooters is basically our “Holy Grail”. Within the last 8 to 10 years, shooting gear has come a long way. Everything from advancements in scopes and chassis, to the way in which we mechanically shoot are things that have truly improved. It seems that we just got so used to running barrels that we presumed to be of high quality – based on the inflated price and popularity of the manufacturer. The reality is that barrels haven’t changed in many years. The ways in which we as combat shooters utilize sniper systems exploit all of the inherent weaknesses of traditional barrels. Weaknesses like barrel life, harmonics, high rates of fire, neglected maintenance, and running your systems dirty due to the environmental factors you are operating in – just to name a few.

Many of us within the SOF community feel that Teludyne Tech is now providing an answer to these issues. We have found that these StraightJacket sleeves have strengthened our barrels and have made them impervious to many of the weaknesses traditional barrels are plagued with. We used to be so concerned with making sure nothing is touching the barrel and that it has to be free-floated. With the StraightJacket, we have shot consistent groups while the actual barrel was resting on a windowsill bearing the entire weight of the weapon and shooter behind it. This feature alone makes the StraightJacket Barrel System worth every penny! Amazingly, this barrel system is actually less than having some of the high-end barrels installed, and done in a fraction of the time.

The StraightJacket also seems to pull a dramatic amount of heat from the actual barrel interior. After firing more than 20 rounds of .300WM at an unrealistic high rate of fire, the chamber was cool enough for you to put your small finger inside of it and keep it there. While the exterior of the barrel may eventually get hot, the interior does not, which lends itself to increased barrel life and less throat erosion. Along with the issue of barrel heat, we noticed that the POI (point of impact) doesn’t “walk” in relation to the POA (point of aim) after shooting multiple rounds. The first round appears to have the same POI as the 30th round no matter what the rate of fire is.

We are now shooting a .300 Win Mag rifle with more than 2,700 rounds logged through it that continues to shoot consistently small groups, maintaining sub-MOA accuracy. Recently, we had our unit armorer inspect the bore and chamber of this rifle with a bore scope. Without him knowing the actual round count on the barrel, he estimated the barrel had between 800-900 rounds thru it. When we told him the round count was 2,700 he did not believe us.

The StraightJacket systems we are currently using are treated as tools. They are not “safe queens” and we don’t care for them with any concerted effort. They are treated rough and regularly take the abuse they would see in a combat environment. Even still, these barrel systems continue to perform. A testament to the capability of the StraightJacket barrel system is that many SOF operators are going out of pocket to secure one for their own rifles. If the claims of this barrel system seem too good to be true, then you probably know a thing or two about accuracy and precision rifle systems. I personally thought the same thing. It wasn’t until I actually shot one that I became convinced that the claims were true. Many of us here feel that this system is a game changer for SOF snipers.

SOF Sniper

StraightJacket Barrels for Biathletes

barnesx225“Teludyne Tech’s Straight Jacket Barrel system has brought our shooting to a whole new level. We immediately noticed tighter groups as soon as we got the SJ put on. We especially noticed how tight the groups stayed in the cold. Most barrels have a tendency for groups to spread in the cold, but not a barrel with the SJ. If you’re looking for accuracy and reliability go with the Straight Jacket. We did and now the Straight Jacket is turning heads all over the World Cup Circuit. We wouldn’t trust our barrels with anything else. Thanks to the wonderful guys at Teludyne for putting us one notch ahead of the competition.”

-Tracy & Lanny Barnes


Packed with technological advances, craftsmanship and attention to detail the URG1 is the evolution of the AR Platform. I now have the most accurate AR on my team.

J Walker

I just got back from the range in North Carolina and the performance of the StraightJacket® Barrel System was incredible. I shot 80 rounds of Federal Sierra Match King with an overall MOA of .38 at 100 yards. The barrel stayed cool to the touch throughout the day. It’s amazing to me to get this type of accuracy with factory ammo. I attribute this to the reduction in harmonics that the StraightJacket® Barrel System provides. I also noticed that there was a lack of mirage, even after 80 rounds of sustained fire. I’m also surprised at the weight reduction of the barrel sleeve. This is extremely helpful in firing while standing. I took the rifle out to 500 yards was getting 1 to 1 ½ in groups. Target acquisition was a lot easier at distance with the help of the muzzle brake. Everyone at the range was admiring the craftsmanship of the barrel sleeve and muzzle brake. A couple of people thought the rifle was a 50. Cal. I liked the reduction in recoil, which really helps in long distance shooting. Clean up was a breeze, most of the parts were clean after a simple wipe down. I found that I can use less lubricant too! Overall, I’m tremendously impressed with the StraightJacket® Barrel System. I really appreciate the way your team handled my situation. Thank you again and I will be sure to continue to spread the word about Teludyne.

Ken Meverden

I want to provide you with some performance feedback on the StraightJacket System recently installed on my rifle.

I’ve been involved with the shooting profession for as long as I can remember. From my time in a previous life as a Ranger platoon leader and company XO, I had ample opportunity to learn long range precision shooting from our snipers – from platforms ranging from the older CAR and M-24 systems, to the Barrett .50 cal. (Of course, the Rangers updated their systems when I returned as a medical officer and had adopted the SR-25 platform, but ballistics and heat issues for the 7.62 match grade ammo were relatively the same.)

For my personal requirements, I opted for the Remington 700 chambered for .300 Winchester Magnum as my platform of choice. Even with the heavy barrel and custom muzzle break, the heat generated by that round required longer recovery times in between progressive shots, and the recoil made for a fairly punishing day. I’m sure that the majority of my issues with reproducible accuracy were due in large part to the shooter more than the rifle, but no matter what the conditions, after the first 10-15 rounds, I always had 1 round out of 3-5 outside my acceptable MOA at 600m.

After receiving my rifle back from Teludyne, I took it out to our long-range facility to put it through its paces (in central Texas during our string of 106+ degree dry days). After looking at the new barrel system, I anticipated a much heavier rifle. I was pleasantly surprised to find no significant change to overall weight or balance. After re-zeroing the optics, I spent the day with repeated engagements within the 300-400m range (from bipod or other support – no bench-rest). This thing is a tack-driver! 5 and 10 shot groups were consistently where I expected them to be – every time. I put at least 120 rounds through the system over a four hour period of time. Chamber heat was never an issue. Perceived recoil is now less than my standard 5.56 patrol rifle platform.

I had several colleagues present during this training evolution (at least one professional competitive shooter and two former 3d SFG sniper instructors). Everyone who put rounds downrange was significantly impressed with the performance (as well as pleasantly surprised by the light recoil). Even my 14 year old took a turn at 350m – hitting 2/3 head shots on standard E-type silhouettes.

I haven’t logged enough rounds under varying atmospheric conditions yet to give you a complete quantifiable assessment of the overall performance improvement, but there is no doubt in my mind that this system will repeatedly outperform the shooter’s capability. I will be sending you a direct impingement system M4 soon as I eagerly anticipate similar performance improvements for that platform. The Straightjacket System performs exactly as you describe and advertise. 

Very Respectfully,
Jeffrey Cain

Hello from Afghanistan.

My name is SGT Greig Bacsal and I’m looking forward to having a rifle built with your Straight-Jacket System. As a qualified sniper for the US Army I have used and trained with all current rifle systems in our arsenal. I was highly impressed with your rifle I tested in Greenville SC. I’m very excited in the prospect in purchasing a Teludyne Tech tuned rifle in the future.

Currently deployed in Afghanistan I would have loved to field one of your modified rifled. I know the weight reduction alone would have been awesome on our mountain missions. I would also like to thank your staff for your past military duty and sacrifices for our country. It’s nice to know who you are doing business with. God Bless you and your families.

SGT Greig Bacsal,
Kabul Afghanistan

I am a professional Maine Master Guide and a long time hunting and shooting enthusiast with a NRA Distinguished Expert rating. At first glance the oversize barrel looked heavier than a conventional rifle barrel. This made the hunter in me think that the weight would be a disadvantage in the field. I lifted the gun and was pleasantly surprised. While the feel was different from a conventional “heavy barrel” it wasn’t much heavier than a “varmint barreled” rifle.

As a shooter, understanding the dynamics of harmonics vs. accuracy, my first reaction was that it was probably worth giving this equipment a closer look. After shooting a 338 Remington that had been fitted with a “StraightJacket™” I was BLOWN AWAY. Not only was it unbelievable accurate shot after shot the added weight made shooting a big bore feel like a much lighter caliber.

Normally when we head to the range we take along several guns of different calibers. Start with the small bores to get warmed up and finish out with a few shots from the larger more punishing calibers. It was such a pleasure shooting the 338 RUM fitted with the “StraightJacket™”. We shot every round that we had (over 3 boxes). With 3 different shooters at 100+ yds the gun remained cool to the touch and kept 1/2 inch groups consistently. Thanks for making shooting the big bores A BLAST again.

C. Ames,
West Rockport, ME

I am writing you today to express my thanks for your product, The StraightJacket. As you know I am in the precision machining business and am very skeptical of someone making claims about their product, having known and trusted you for many years, I listened closely to the results that you had achieved with the application of this break-thru technology, and agreed to send you the most accurate gun in my arsenal. The gun is an Accuracy International AE .308 which would shoot 1 MOA all day, but heat retention was an issue to critical to long distance accuracy. As you also know we designed and manufacture SPEC-REST and doing training demonstrations for the military and law enforcement is demanding and results speak much louder than words. Having to monitor barrel temperatures is a constant process…NO MORE! Not only did this process dissipate almost all of the heat in the barrel, but it also managed “barrel whip” and felt recoil to almost nothing. At the end of two months of logging results I can tell you that the shot accuracy of this weapon has increased by approximately 30%….TRULY UNBELIEVABLE. If I were you guys, doing proof of concept work, I would have you “rip off” as many rounds as you like before zeroing in and shooting for groups, this is an instant validation of your claim that every shot is as precise as a cold bore shot. The results speak for themselves, in my opinion this is one of the greatest enhancements to the rifle industry I have ever seen, and I highly endorse this product and welcome anyone’s questions. Thanks again for a product that has made my job much easier, and I’ll see you down range.

Robert Black

I’ve been a shooter for 37 years, first as a civilian, then in the military and I have never fired a rifle with the shot to shot consistency of one with the TTI StraightJacket™. I fired the best group of my life with a Remington mod. 700 ADL Stainless 7mm Mag, with over 3000 rounds through it before getting the StraightJacket™. The 100 meter 5 shot group measured 3/16inch on centers at its widest point. This was done after 15 rounds had already been rapid fired through the rifle at other targets and all were fired in less than 1 1/2 minutes time. The TTI muzzle brake makes the 7mm Mag feel like a .243, and the .338 Remington ultra mag kick less than my standard 30-06.

J.C. Dodge,
Greencastle, PA

I am a hunter and shoot competitively in 100 to 300 yard rifle tournaments. I met the guys from Teludyne Tech at a gun show two years ago and was impressed with the idea of their products and services. I now own three rifles with the StraightJacket Barrel System installed. One of the three I shoot competition bench rest with. The accuracy of all three of my rifles improved considerably, in the last bench rest match my model 70 Winchester 22-250 with the straight jacket system shot a 1.202 inch 5 shot group at 300 yards. I never thought a production rifle would be able to shoot groups this good. As a matter of fact some of the custom and heavy bench rest rifles at the tournament that day could not achieve this good of a group.

Needless to say, I am very satisfied with my StraightJacket system on all three of my guns.

Thank you so much!

Norris Quinn

I’m not going to bore you with calculating the percentage of one “Minute of Angle” or MOA that both the Sako and the Savage shot with their Straightjackets. The Sako ranged from an inch to an inch and a half reliably at 500 yards, and the Savage even had a couple targets under an inch. Both guns are essentially low cost hunting rifles with decent but hunting triggers, and have hunting stocks. The ammunition was not fine tuned for the guns by a hand loader. We went to Bass Pro and bought it off the shelf just like you would.

Paul Helinski
Guns America

The StraightJacket lives up to all its promises

Dave Fortier
Gun Writer

I fired a ten shot group at 400 yards that I could cover with a quarter. Your invention is unbelievable, I want a StraightJacket on all my guns.

T Green

Without a doubt this is the best add-on I have ever purchased. I shot a three-inch group at 800 yards.

Dan Greene
Former UDT U.S. Navy

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