Unmatched Performance Guaranteed

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  • Improve Accuracy
  • Decrease Malfunctions
  • Reduce Recoil

The StraightJacket® Barrel System’s (SJBS) performance has been independently verified by H.P. White on the bolt gun platform across a wide range of shooting conditions. The results are nothing short of revolutionary. Click HERE to review to full report.

Comparative analysis of the Teludyne URG1 placed side by side to a match grade M4 resulted in cold bore accuracy improving by 75% right out of the box, and after firing 120 rounds in 2 minutes, accuracy improved by 671%. Subsequently, at 600 meters, the URG1 grouped at 7.07 inches versus the match grade M4’s 54 inches tested 15 minutes after 220 rounds of rapid fire. A thorough validation of TTI’s accuracy claims has been conducted, documented and published by both TTI and by H.P. White Laboratory, Inc.

The SJBS eliminates the need for other costly accuracy enhancements.

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